About The Club

Racestrong Woking Triathlon Club

Racestrong Triathlon Club is based in the Woking area of Surrey.

Established by Head Coach Lee Brown in 2015 the Club has now grown to over 50 members and comprises a group of athletes of all abilities who wish to participate in running, swimming, cycling and triathlon events.

Our members range in ability from those new to the sport to experienced athletes. We arrange both coached and non coached training sessions catering for all levels of ability.

Our club has a regular social calendar throughout the year including the club Aquathlon Series and will ensures you can get to know your fellow athletes both inside & outside of the sport.

Latest Timetable

Summer 2021

Racestrong Timetable Summer 2021

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Club Philosophy

We have a wealth of experience in the team as well as hard working coaches helping to look after you and help you improve.

The club philosophy is based around providing a fun environment to train in, good quality coaching and buddy to race with all year round.

The club has so far managed to preserve a good welcoming atmosphere for all new members and you’ll generally find were all pretty chatty once the hard work is done.

Members of the club are encouraged to share their experiences freely for the better of all and we strongly believe that if we can attract members with a similar philosophy, the club will continue to slowly grow and expand.

Racestrong - Whats in a name

Racestrong Triathlon Club was started very much on emphasising the importance high quality training and avoiding the trap of more and more volume and instead focussing on the key attributes of a good athlete.

Our members consist of novices up to age group athletes and for most of us our time training is limited by working careers and family lives. Therefore getting the most bang for buck in our training is critical to us achieving good race results.