Welcome 2021

The start of a new year is always an opportunity to reflect on the year that has been and consider new challenges or adventures for the year ahead.

Those of us involved in triathlon saw most of calendar in 2020 cancelled, with events and organised trips largely all postponed. Disappointing as that was, many people have lost a whole lot more and so we have to remain thankful for everything we do have.

Racestrong were able to get back to club training for a few months towards the end of 2020 as restrictions were lifted briefly, but are now locked down once more with organised training all off. We are committed to doing our part in following all of the latest Government guidelines.

For the time being we are back to solo runs (picture is from a recent trail run in the Surrey Hills) or rides, or meeting in pairs when allowed to. Group recovery rides jumping on the turbo on Zwift have been popular. And we have been arranging virtual challenges on our Whatsapp group to keep ourselves motivated.

Hope everyone stays safe and well.

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