The Committee

A successful club relies on motivated and enthusiastic volunteers and we are always looking for people willing to fill committee roles or unofficial roles to help develop the club. Speak to one of the coaches if you’re interested in getting involved.

Your current committee is:

  • Committee roles:
    • Chair – Lee Brown – Sets the overall and general direction of the club
    • Secretary –  Lucy Hurn – Responsible for day to day running and admin
    • Treasurer –  Graeme Laing – Produce and manage the club’s accounts and finances
    • Membership and web –  Robin Ogilvie – Promote the club for membership renewal and new members, respond to membership queries
    • Comms – Caitlyn Fleming – Member comms (emails, Facebook, Instagram etc)
    • OWS lead – Jess Gill – Promotion, logistics (rota, safety etc) around the OWS sessions at Papercourt
    • Covid lead – Jess Gill – Ensure club following best practice and industry guidelines around Covid