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Running; The Key Muscle Groups for an Efficient Stride

An efficient running stride is observed in the well placed and identical nature of their stride pattern. If the muscles are all well-trained and functioning correctly every stride will be near identical with speed and rhythm naturally following. An inefficient stride pattern is often observed in new runners where due […]

Swimming: The Key Muscle Groups in the Freestyle Stroke.

A large number of muscle groups are active to varying degrees in the freestyle stroke primarily used by triathletes and long distance swimmers. It’s useful therefore to have an understanding of these muscles when identifying any potential shortfall in your stroke. The Upper Body: The Stroke Bicep Brachii Active during […]

Periodisation – The short version

What, when, why So you’ve decided to take part in a race for the first time or your getting ready for next season and you are starting to think about how your training should be structured. For many people training for a race simply means training for the distance and […]