New Members

Step 1. Read the Code of Conduct

Please read the members code of conduct. This document applies to all members and submission of the below form shall be signalled as acceptance of the conditions of this document.

Step 2. Sign Up For GoCardless

Set up your standing order for subs either monthly or annually by clicking on the following links.

Please email the treasurer once you have done so at

Step 3. Sign up for Playwaze

The club uses a service called Playwaze to handle the booking of classes and this can be done for free via website and a mobile app.


You will need to create an account with playwaze to handle your bookings.

Step 4. Order Your Club Kit

You can order your kit anytime through our webstore.

Password = Fullsteam

Delivery may take up to 30 days.

Join British Triathlon

              CLICK HERE AND JOIN NOW!

If you are not a member of Triathlon England, please consider becoming one for at least three reasons:

  • You will get cheaper entry to races across the UK
  • You automatically receive public liability insurance and personal accident cover for you whilst training and racing which could save you thousands
  • You have the right to qualify for Team GB and therefore the opportunity to wear your national colours at races

In addition your membership will provide a number of product discounts, all of which may be seen on the Triathlon England Membership Page.

Finally, if you use the button on this page to sign up for TE, and you specify us as your club, we receive a £5 commission to add to our club funds.