HIIT Indoor Cycling – Flying 40’s


If your looking to boost your Vo2 Max or shock the muscles into producing some more power short duration intervals can have a big role in improving your training.



Below is a sample 40 minute flying 40’s workout with 1 set included targeted at an athlete who’s improve there muscular endurance.

Warm up – over 5-10 minutes slowly building power up to around your aerobic threshold (RPE 3-7)

Complete a 15 minute ride at just below your Aet threshold or at an RPE of 6-7.

Flying 40’s
40 seconds in big gear at desired wattage or target effort level.
20 seconds spin easy
Repeat 10 times total for 1 set.

Cool Down – Ride Easy for 5 Minutes



Depending on the specific goal for this time in the season theres quite a few ways you can look to include flying 40’s and progress over a 4-6 week training block.

Firstly I can look to increase the amount of reps I can complete if getting to 10 reps on the first workout proved difficult or I gassed out or powered down. If I’m working with a Watt Meter I can set a goal minimum power level for the rep. So I could say I want to hit 250 watts for 40 seconds and in my first workout I can complete this 6 times before I fail on the 7th rep, dropping below my target. Week 2 I could aim to push myself to complete 8 reps above 250, week 3 – 10 reps and so on. These short high intensity bursts are going to challenge you to improve your Vo2 Max & Peak power output.

Another way I could progress the set is by increasing the number of sets I complete within the workout. So my first workout of the block might look like a 40 min ride incorporating a single 10 minute set of Flying 40’s at just over my Aerobic Threshold. Week 2 might include a second set, third week a third until such time as I’m completing the majority of my ride at a higher power output then at the start of the block. This is perfect for building muscular endurance and aerobic capacity.




 Video coming soon…



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