Coach Development Programme

Club Coaches

We are  on the look out for new coaches and as a club we look to financially assist those dedicated club members that want to follow this path through our Coach Development Scheme.

All of our club coaches have signed up to the Club Coaches Code of Conduct.

Coach Development Programme

We are keen to develop our coaching team and in order to enable this the committee will set aside some club funds every year to help finance members and existing coaches through the various British Triathlon coaching courses.

The sort of things that the committee will look at when deciding who funding can be provided for are;

  • Commitment to the club;
    • Regular attendance at training sessions
    • Proven willingness to volunteer and to get involved
  • Interaction with other club members
  • Experience of triathlon
  • Availability to coach

If you would like to know more about the club, please go to the Contact Us page for further details.