VOTwo Dorney Evening Sprint Triathlon 2017

Preamble I was coerced into entering this sprint by Greg. I forget the reasoning. Even without the coercion I would probably have entered it as it’s at Dorney, which is all of 20 minutes’ drive from me, it’s in the evening, and… Why not? There’s nothing terribly spectacular about this […]

Outlaw Holkham Half, July 2017

Preamble For those who know me, or perhaps have read my blogs before, you will be aware that this is the year of the Half Iron Distance. My journey into Tri began 4 years ago, with a couple of sprints and a Bananaman ¾ Olympic distance – the following years […]

Lions Half Marathon, Horsell Common, June 18th 2017

Preamble I’m ginger. I’m the gingerest person I know (excluding my offspring, and when I was their age I could give them a run for their gingerness). You lose it over time of course, and become auburn or white, but at the core of it you’re still ginger. There are […]

Thorpe Sprint Tri – June 2017

Preamble There must be dead animals on other sprint courses, but for some reason at Thorpe I tend to notice them. That and the smell of fermenting wood chips (that is – in my mind at least – exactly the same as the smell of Rooibos Tea) seem to be […]

Eton Super Sprints – May 2017

Preamble There was an aligning of stars that meant that there would be not one but TWO social groups doing the Eton Dorney Super Sprint mates waves, so it seemed churlish not to sign up. Being a Human Race event I knew from experience it would probably be a) very […]

Thames Turbo(t) Sprint Triathlon, 1st May, 2107

Preamble I was coerced into entering the Thames Turbo by the lure of racing with a couple of buddies from the Woking #racestrongtri club. Only one of which could actually be bothered to pay their money on time and turn up. I’m looking at you Lee. I suspect being in […]


Woking Sprint Triathlon – April 2017

General This year is the year of half iron, and the extensive training plan includes doing some sprints for fun, and also as training aids to practice transition / expensive brick sessions. The Woking sprints are organised by FullSteam events and run concurrently with the GoTri beginner level triathlons. I’m […]

The Farnborough Winter Half Marathon 2017 – Race Report

“Are You Mad?” – The security guard was looking at me with a benevolent yet slightly quizzical expression on his face. I’m still not sure if he was joking. It was 7am. The skies were still dark.  It was minus five degrees Celsius outside my nice warm car – cold […]

FullSteam Events / #Racestrong Triathlon Club Aquathlon, 9th September 2016

“The Aquathlon Series” as organised by Full Steam events was new this year. It utilises the same facilities as the #RaceStrong Triathlon Club Sunday weekly open water swim at Papercourt Sailing Club, near Send, just off the A3 in Surrey. Preamble It was a beautiful end of summer evening as […]

The Triathlete Games (July 17th, 2016)

So when’s a triathlon not a triathlon? Now if you ask google to define what a triathlon is, she tells you that it’s “an athletic contest consisting of three different events, typically swimming, cycling, and running” – and what we did yesterday falls into that remit for sure, it just […]