Swimming Sweet Spots

The Critical Role of Technique Chances are if you’re reading this article you’re aware that in swimming technique is a critical component and the ability to maintain technique at intensity is essentially what separates a good swimmer from a bad one.   The reason its critical is that without good […]

How’s your off season going?

So you’ve hopefully signed up for your first events next year, and you may have even thought about your training plan shapes up. If its anything like most it probably means no serious volume till the new year – time to put your feet up then? You can, but you’re missing a […]

5 easy ways to upgrade your training

Originally when I wrote this article it was going to be called “5 Easy ways to upgrade your training plan”. Of course we nearly missed 1 critical upgrade for a huge number of athletes     1. Have a Plan Most Triathletes will have at some point followed a training plan. The […]

Prioritise your training & the 80/20 rule

Does this sound familiar you start the week with a plan of all the workouts you are going to complete, it’s a great plan with one challenging workout after another. Your going to be a hero. By Wednesday you’ve started making compromises either skipping sessions or not putting out the efforts […]