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About Us

Racestrong Triathlon Club is a new triathlon club based in the Woking area of Surrey. We comprise a group of athletes of all abilities who take part in triathlon, running and other sport events. Our members range in ability from those completely new to the sport to experienced athletes. We arrange both coached and non coached training sessions catering for all levels of ability. Our regular social calendar will ensures you can get to know your fellow athletes both inside & outside of the sport.

Why Join a Club?

There are a whole host of benefits to joining a club so why not give it a try?

Train in a Group

Everybody performs better and has more fun training in a group. Fact. You'll put that extra 10% into your training every time with the support of the group behind you.

Learn from others

Our club includes a mix of athletes at all ability levels which allows you to ask questions without worrying for how stupid they may be.

Meet local athletes

Getting to know local athletes means you'll have plenty more people to chat to about triathlon without boring everybody around you.

Community Support

Our community supports you and your goals, and adds a great social aspect to what can be an otherwise lonely sport.


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